Selected Transactions

Hawkwood Advisory specialises in advising, mentoring and funding businesses where there is the opportunity to make a very significant capital gain for shareholders over a ten year period.



Gazeal Limited


is a prop tech company concentrating on simplifying the process for buying and selling residential property in England and Wales – working with agents and conveyancers to eliminate gazumping, and preventing agreed house deals from falling through.


In England and Wales, an agreement to buy or sell a house is worthless until Exchange of Contracts. Until then, it is not legally binding. The Conveyancing process takes weeks, and while the lawyers do their checks, problems arise. The Gazeal system, provides the solution, binding both parties at the outset when they are ready to agree a deal. Neither side can walk away, or move the goalposts. Hawkwood is a significant investor in and supporter of the business and Russell Duckworth is a Director.


Status: Private


Market Cap*: £30m   




Hurricane Exploration plc


is a technically led, private oil exploration company working on fractured basement reservoirs in the North Sea.


Experienced management believed, through many years work in the North Sea, that it offered the opportunity of making very large light oil discoveries in a hitherto untested play type. Members of the Hawkwood team backed Hurricane from Dr Robert Trice’s vision at inception in 2005 and have been involved with the company through all of its fund raising activities in the ensuing years over £150m for them of which £30m was raised in March 2012. Hurricane Exploration has made two very significant discoveries in the West of Shetlands area, with C3 resources estimated at 485 million bboe. The first issue was done at 10p per share and the most recent issue was completed at £1.35p per share. A further £35m was raised as part of a pre-IPO and £20m additionally at the IPO.


Status: Public (HUR LN)


Market Cap*: £150m   




Cox PowerTrain Limited


is a revolutionary British designed lightweight diesel engine designer.


The diesel engine industry has been looking for a way to produce diesel economy and safety that weighs similar to petrol engines. David Cox, a Formula 1 designer, succeeded in designing such an engine which went through its proof of concept trials in October 2010. Working closely with Ricardo plc, a 300HP alpha prototype will be demonstrated to shareholders and the industry in March 2013.Cox has obtained backing from the MoD and is targeting the commercial and military inboard and outboard marine markets in the 200hp to 2,000HP range. The members of the Hawkwood team have assisted Cox in raising £14.6m over the last 5 years. The first round was done at 37.5p and subsequent rounds have been done at increasing prices, the last one being at 60p.


Status: Private - EIS eligable


Market Cap*: £19m   




Terressentia Corporation


is a highly innovative new process for the distillation and purification of spirits.


The company uses patented ultrasonic technology to remove methanol and other undesirable fractions from spirits. The company is based in the United States, and is launching in the UK and Europe imminently. Hawkwood have assisted in raising up to £4m and are involved in giving corporate advice to the company.


Status: Private


Market Cap*: £50m   




Upham Group


was founded in 2011 to acquire the Upham Brewery and to develop a chain of freehold pubs under the leadership of Chris Phillips, founder of the Front Page pub group and David Butcher following his successful career at Gales Brewery.


Since inception, Hawkwood has assisted in raising £20m for the company. Upham currently operates 12 pubs with several more under offer. These include The Winning Post, The Thomas Lord, The Rockingham Arms, The Navigator, The George Inn, The Bunk Inn, The White Hart (South Harting), The White Hart (Overton) The Wheelwright’s Arms, The Running Horse, The Plantation, The Peat Spade.


Status: Private 


Market Cap*: £25m   


*Market Capitalisations are calculated at the last issue price       




Is a leading provider of smart energy solutions and software.


It provides a complete end-to-end energy management service, helping customers, however large or small, consume less energy, manage industry transactions more efficiently and purchase or deliver energy more efficiently. John Grant, Partner at Hawkwood, became Chairman on 15 August 2013.


Status: Public